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Wet Carpet Drying Kyneton

Carpet Steam Cleaning Kyneton
Carpet Steam Cleaning Kyneton

Carpet Cleaning Kyneton has been drying wet carpets in Kyneton for over 5 years now, and all of our flooded carpet drying technicians are certified. We provide wet carpet cleaning and flood carpet drying services in Kyneton.

A damp carpet after 48 hours can cause mildew to germinate and increase mold. Mold will not be immediately noticeable. This fungus buildup can be a serious health risk for you and your family. Moisture in a dark, damp place will increase these toxins over time.

This will make people more sensitive to allergens, the elderly, children and pregnant women. We suggest treating your flooded carpet immediately. Unexplained floodwaters can damage your expensive materials as well as the integrity of the structure.

Drying and rehabilitating wet and flooded carpets

We use industrial air stimulants to blow air directly on damp carpets. We can lift the carpet and place an air mover under it to dry the impact and subfloor more efficiently. We can remove and replace damaged underlays if needed. Due to the movement of air, the carpet and the surrounding structure releases moisture into the surrounding area for which we use Desiccant dehumidifiers to remove this moisture.

Steam cleaning flooded carpets with sanitization

When the carpet is dry, we will send it back as needed. We will clean the carpets using environmentally friendly chemicals in conjunction with antimicrobial sanitizers to provide a deeper cleaner and eliminate the remaining bacteria. We use truck-mounted or hot-water extraction equipment with l-anti-browning solution to remove water stains and avoid browning wool fibers.